Dear Punks,

As you Punks know, it takes a lot of time to properly coordinate and distribute releases.  Miss Nightrider can currently no longer assist bands and Punk properly in this medium due to lack of time so She is therefore getting out of the record label game for now. 

As a Woman in Punk, or just a Punk in general, having 10 releases since 2014 beginning with the co-release of Primitive Pact's debut EP is no small feat.  A lot of blood and sweat went into this Punk labor of love.  Nightrider Records began in 2013 in San Francisco as a concept and has found completion in Oakland with very tangible and lasting vinyl remains.  She thanks you for your support over this short but potent lifespan.

Miss Nightrider is honored to have contributed to Punk in the manner in which She did and She hopes you and future Punks will continue to support Punk future.  She is officially 100% sold out of all of her releases.

Yours in Punk.


xo Miss Nightrider
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